If you could create 3 new characters, what would they look like?


If you could create 3 new characters, what would they look like? A dog with bunny ears? A cat with blue fur? A surfer? Draw what they would look like here. The person with the most creative character wins this competition!!! The maximum is 3, but you dont have to do 3.


Hopscotch characters?


Yes hopscotch characters, you know like the list of them


With gorilla, Stargirl, Chillana and frenz


I would make some sort of dog character!


Then draw it!!!! You dont have to do 3, but that is the maximum


I'm horrible at drawing lol

I would also add
- a cat
- a boy version of star girl
- a monster character
- a dog

I would add these because then people who don't have pictures could make more projects with animals like cats and dogs, and we would have more boy characters.


Yep. Well I will count that as a submission then Just pick your top 3


A light blue wolf, a yellow and pink cat, and a turtle. XD


idk, some stuff in assembly?

Assembly junk


Top 3. And I will count them as a submission.


Okay thank you. Are you going to draw them?


I would make a Banana!


Cool. Are you going to draw it?


I would but I can't draw lol


Idk yet! :()



This is one of mine!


Okay that fine!! I will count your words as a submission!!


Are you talking to me queen shae shae?


No. Im counting your project as your submission!!