If you could change anything about Hopscotch, what would you change?



Title basically says it all. This applies to Hopscotch and Forum
For me it would be:

  • Hardworking unknown coders to be noticed
  • Bring MagmaPOP back
  • Everyone listening to each other so people are less likely to leave
  • A "Set photo" block (like Set Text)

Please keep everything respectful, not anything like

We're thinking on how to change Hopscotch for the better. Banning SmileyAlyssa would not make things better :joy:

I'm researching for another topic I'm gonna do about working to create Hopscotch for the better. For now, I just want to hear your ideas.

When I make the new topic do you want me to tag you?

  • Yes, please!
  • No, but it sounds like a good idea
  • No, I already voted to be tagged in AwesomeJediE's "Inner Struggle" topic


Votes are public.


Have putting videos in Hopscotch for free but they have to be approved


I would improve how the hs team treats us


I would have an anti-flame war on the forum. It could be like, if there are any blocked words or repepritve posting, a system will come on and check. And maybe close the topic. Idk.


Same! The flame wars just need to.. you know... stop


The search bar. I don't like the way it's set up after the update.


They have to be approved so nobody uses anything inappropriate :grinning:


I just said that what the heck


I don't know what you mean by that sorry lol


In the post I said they have to be approved and the YOU literally replied they would have to be approved!!


I know. Just saying in case you didn't know why they had to be approved. :slight_smile:


Um, duh of course I know why they have to be approved


Ok, just making sure. I'm gonna go to sleep soon so have a goodnight :smile::zzz:


We went to bed at da same time bruh lol


The subscription price to free


@hopscotch_king It isn't nice to SmileyAlyssa.


Oh lol

I love to sleep lol



A recording block or more music blocks!
Also, maybe having a cool "point" system where you earn points, and buy stuff in a shop like characters!


Bring back child leaders

I feel old and out of trend

Did sumthing happen about this

Or did the kids just give up


Just saying, not all people leave because of arguments, infact not that many do​:slight_smile: It would definitely be cool to have a set photo block