If you could add music from outside sources into Hopscotch... what would it be?



If you don't see what you'd like in the poll, reply with what you want!

  • Kevin Macleod music
  • Video game music
  • Your favourite singer's music
  • Justin Bieber (o3o)
  • FNAF song
  • Japanese songs



I love how "Justin Bieber" doesn't count as "Your favorite singer" :joy:


It better not O_o

(no offense to people who like that XD)


The one person who votes it


I would love to connect to KORG Gadget! It's a (expensive) electronic synthesizer for iPad! I could make epic sound tracks!


I would like to record me playing guitar!


The conclusion? Rabid fangirls.


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Oh no!:scream:

I don't think these types of tag lists are allowed anymore!


No tag lists. I hope you understand that tag lists are banned. You will unfortunatly get flagged if you use them, so don't use them. :wink:


People are ■■■■■■■■ a lot today.... Even in the drawing topic


Please don't spam tag me.


Less than 1 minute ago:

Well, that was fast.


(Sorry if I sound rude!)


Yes tagging is annoying


I didn't know it was banned!


Could you change "Singer" to "Artist"? A lot of people like artists that don't sing, just create the music.


Uh oh, I can't change the poll options anymore.


Stop tagging me! It's banned.


How many times do we have to tell you, mass tags aren't allowed!