If you controlled Hopscotch, what would you add to the app?



In Geometry Dash, There are things called “Creator points”. (In Hopscotch terms) if you get featured, you get a creator point. If you get a project in the “Game changers” section, you would get 5-10 Creator points. Because of this, there should be a “top creators list” section measured on how many CPs you have. Hopefully you get the point. What would you add to Hopscotch?


I’d add bittrrrrrrrrrr


Nobody knows what that is.


My family does
It’s a code languijk


I’d add a meme central cuz why not


I’d add a who they follow on a person’s profile which would mean that the person could know how many people follow them


I need somebody to send these suggestions to to tht


Not Sweetie’s, though. Whatever she said, it’s just plain weird.


Hopscotch is Hopscotch, they could do whatever they want to do


oh really?
i doubt it.
link pls



Try yams t



  • Trail transparency

  • Follow count

  • Perhaps a Private chat, but only with HS ‘friends’. To be considered ‘friends’ you have to following them and they follow you.

  • different Poses for objects that you draw (like how the HS characters can dance)

  • A #comic section? It’s been more popular on HS recently.


haha ip not found???


Yam yam yam yam :sweet_potato: yam


Huh. I would most definetely add this feature to the editor.

This kind of thing where you can do or in between whens. Like for example:

When ____ is tapped or ____ is tapped.

@OMTL What do y’all think?


You mean like an “or” operator?


Hfshfshfshfs I can’t explain this because I’m not very good at expressing myself.


Repeat forever unless _____ block, or is that a thing?


I think they talked about adding that to the game. I don’t know if they did though.


Ooh maybe a talk feature? Like in Scratch you can make a sprite think, talk, or ask a question.