If you are oio, read this!



I noticed that in your game, HoRiZoN v2.9, once you start playing for like, 20 seconds,
You just start going in a circle. you should put in meteors in the circle range or something.
you should also add in a boost that recharges after 20 seconds.
how the boost works is you can turn your... ...spacecraft? anyway, once your boost
meter is full and you press boost, you go forward the direction you are facing. :grinning:


Love it.

I say... make it so, Doc. :sunglasses:

FWIW, cool that it got "featured", but the game wasn't / isn't finished. Not even close. I was just "publishing" versions, so I wouldn't lose them on my flaky iPad.

Hey... how do we do collaborations on HS or the HS forum? Can we share code behind the scenes? That would be more coolness...


That might work! i could make a chat room with a code language!
A = 1
B = 2
C = 3... etc, etc.


sorry, i might no respond. i have to eat lunch
(Burritos, MMM!)


Burritos... hmmm... [heads to fridge] Bingo! Great idea...

Yeah, too many chores today (incl. pulling weeds! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) but I would really like to see how you remix-in the features you've described. Try something crazy! :sunglasses:


I was just wondering @oio how do you pronounce your name??? It looks interesting :joy::joy:


I dunno... maybe like a three-year-old asking for her favorite cream-filled chocolate cookie?

I'm not very good with user names. I just had to make something up. I like numbers and simple shapes, but... "010" seemed duplicitous. :yum:


By the way, the code chat room's name is oio chat.
i'll make it when i get the time...
and i liked your joke!
"I dunno... maybe like a three-year-old asking for her favorite cream-filled chocolate cookie?"


And the code for oio chat is
A = 1
B = 2
C = 3
D = 4
E = 5
F = 6
G = 7


As of 4:30 today to 10:00 on Saturday (ish...) i may not be able to respond to your comments.


@oio You can make a collaboration topic on the forum like NDSDNS and CreativeCoder are doing on Candy Crush :smiley: Then you could add links to your projects and add pics of code and explain what you're doing.


I see. Wow, @DrDuctape, It looks circuitous. What would necessitate the use of codes in a free discussion about Hopscotch programming?

My last question, which i will rephrase here in less of a hurry, might have been confusing. If so, sorry. I was in a hurry to go out and start pulling weeds. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

First of all "we." What I meant by that was "we" the students of Hopscotch and of the forum, in general. I did not mean "we" as in myself and anyone in particular. I just want to know if/how there are any provisions for people to collaborate on an idea before publishing something. It's embarrassing to admit it, but I don't even know if HS code can be exported or imported to, for example, email. See what I mean? Can "we" the users even do that, if the need arises?

Second, by "behind the scenes" i didn't really mean to imply something clandestine or requiring a secretive code, necessarily, although codes are fun. I like 'em! The comment just relates to my first point. I meant that I don't know how to get others' eyeballs on a project without "publishing" it. Sometimes, I just wanna try something out and I might want to say, "Hey, @DrDuctape or @alish or @anybody, could you take a look at this and tell me what you think, or how I might do it better?" That would be without the whole "publish" thing. That's all I meant by "behind the scenes."

Now, all that stuff said, i really would like to do a project with others on the forum, if there's interest. My only requirement is that it has to contain some real math or physics. Or it has to be very mentally challenging and fun. Remember the "Bugz!" game? I made that game because my reaction time started out surprisongly slow. Like more than 600 ms between hops. I was like... "Really? You gotta be kidding me!" So, I started practicing with my own game (how geeky is that?) and now, when I focus, I can get into a zone where I can cut my time half. Now, that's cool. And it's gotta be good for your brain. That's kinda my thing. :sunglasses:. If anybody's into that stuff, I would love to work with 'em... somehow.

Secret codes: optional. :blush:


Oh yes I agree it would be useful if Hopscotch had a feature where people could collaborate on drafts together across different devices.

Then you could share draft projects with each other and let someone else check out your project, or you could work on a project with someone else "live" at the same time and it would be useful if we could add comments on what you're doing and collaborate :smiley: But I imagine it'd be hard to implement though

We used to be able to share projects through email without publishing them, but it changed so that you publish the project first before being able to email it.


YAY A1Z26 cipher :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, if you don't want anyone to see, there isn't really a method other than doing something like SPOILERS!! and skipping a few lines.

Good luck with that!


t1, can you help me understand about emailing code...? You mentioned it, but I Don't think I get it. So... after publishing something... you can email the code to somebody? That raises questions...

(1) What would be the point of emailing code after publishing it? Somebody could just download it from the web using the HS app itself, once it's "published".
(2) In what form is code mailable, if it really is? Is it something that can be examined with, for example, a text editor? That has some neat implications.
(3) And if you receive an emailed piece of code, how would you stuff it into HS on your iPad? I can't even figure out how to duplicate a project on my own device without "publishing" it and then re-downloading it and renaming the second copy.

So, yeah, aside from coding itself, there's a lot that I don't get about how to work with Hopscotch files. It might be neat to know more.


Unfortunately, it doesn't send the raw code. It's basically like a link telling the person to download Hopscotch to view it :confused:

The email is below


Yeah sure @oio. Like @CreativeCoder said, unfortunately you can't edit the code of the project unless you open it in Hopscotch. Emailing your project is more for sharing with friends or family and letting them know about your project :smiley:

And unfortunately we can't duplicate projects at the moment without publishing either, so that's the only way to do it.


And for the brief time we could change accounts, you could have it as a draft in a secret account


Thanks, @KathrynJaneway, @t1_hopscotch, @CreativeCoder, @DrDuctape. I didn't know the history. Meh...:unamused:


that is a good idea! they should implement that.
The only problem is we can't email code, because
the email account is not mine.