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Hello! I noticed we have a lot of new forumers, so the following info might be helpful for you all :slight_smile:

Hello, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I can't post my reply!

The 20 character rule is there to prevent spam. You can bypass it by typing something between arrow brackets, like this:
<This will not be visible to other users>

There will also sometimes be a thing that says it isnt a complete sentence, just type more stuff

if it says you have replied to someone too much, just ignore that message. You can reply, you wont be punished.

Trust levels

As you spend more time on the forum, you gain higher ranks, or trust levels.

Extremely basic trust level info (click me!) Right now, you are a Basic. You can only post a few times a day before you run out. After visiting the forum for a few days, you become a Member, which gives you more likes and access to the #random-stuff category. Eventually, if you are active enough, you become a regular, like me. You gain the ability to create tags, change titles, tags, and move topics to other forums, and you get access to #lounge.

If yiu didnt want to read all that or you want an official guide about this, this is from the creators of Discourse, our forum software. The requirements may be slightly different but you can see the main point.

Community guidelines

A great post about our community guidelines can be found here:

Post formatting

On the Hopscotch Forum, you can format your posts using a combination of techniques, including Markdown, BBcode, and HTML.


This is how you use Markdown, the simplest:

# Header 1
## Header 2
### Header 3

This yields the result:

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3



Here are the BBcode basic tags:

[b] Bold text [/b]
[i] Italic text [/i]
[Link text goes here](link url goes here)

This yields:

Bold text
Italic text

I filled in the link tag.

You can find more comprehensive guides online.


HTML is the language websites are made in.

<big>Big text</big>
<small>Small text</small>
<b>Bold text</b>
<i>Italic text</i>
<a href=Link url here>Link text here</a>

This yields:
Big text
Small text
Bold text
Italic text
Link text here

The link tag is filled in.

For more comprehensive guides, just look for “HTML5 tags” on Google or a similar search engine.

Try typing @discobot start new user
for more info!! It gives a basic “tour” of the forum and will tell you about formatting, replying, quoting, etc. When you are done, type @discobot start advanced user for a more advanced guide!

Thank you for reading, and have a great day :slight_smile:

Heyo! I'm New to the Forum!

There are way too many of these topics. Maybe just let people look at the other ones instead of flooding the forum with new ones. Thank you.


but will they want to scroll through that many

and idk. its fine


That is the point! They don’t want to scroll through that many, so don’t make more!


no, they wont see the others because theyre old and buried beneath other posts

and some are in random stuff

to late to delete now though so


They could just look it up. And you can’t keep this topic active forever.


I really like this topic, great job!


… the others are already dead. I dont need to keep it active

@William04GamerA Thank you

aaand it was lounged. the one time i do something useful


This doesn’t deserve to be lounged. It deserves to be seen by the newest additions to the forum. You’re welcome memorable for unlounging it.

It will be useless in the lounge.




Not on this forum


no?? ok hm thank you

also texas


Great Job!


Oh, and thanks for linking my post!


No problem, it’s an awesome post!!


Residing here until the mental health topic gets opened lmao


lol ok then he h
itll probably do that thing where it opens then closes then opens then closes


Do you remember me?
I hope you do…


EDIT: Formatting

Notice any grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, or incorrect statements? Tell me below!


This is a great topic!
There are a lot of posts on this topic, so please SBYP, however, this is a really great addition to all of those posts! Very well-written! (I read it ALL!) :smile:

(I am super late on this topic, but it for sure deserves a revive, anyway)


sbyp? oops

thanks for the compliment!