If u could change your forum username, wut would u change it to?


Hi! If u could change your forum username, what would u change it to? This is where u put what u would change it to in the replys! I cannot wait to hear what u think!


But I like CatWithABrush better :D


TheCoder XD


I'd change it to TreeFrog or something :stuck_out_tongue:


I was originally called Keudin, but had a problem with emailing to set up the account, so now I'm IKeudin...
I'd probably go for Keudin!


I love my name, I'd never change it! :smile:





But I like Lightningstrike so..


Or Pyxis, I dunno


Happy birthday, @GysvANDRegulus!


I wouldn't change it because
1- I like it now :D
2- people won't really recognize me
3- I think it suits me x3


Thicks! :D


I would take out the official part of my name, so that my username would match on HS and on the forum.


I wouldn't change it because MR.GAM3R is my Hopscotch name. And I wouldn't change my HS name because I am happy with it :slight_smile:


GamingWithTills! My YouTube username!
Too bad I use strongerthanyou as my hopscotch, too.




i think you can still change yours if you go to prefrencese :DDDDDD


Nope they have basic


oh i thoght they could change it because their new XD


I really like my name!:grinning: But if I had to, I would be AlohaStudios.:grinning: