If there is a new update

  • a chat page (texting ability)
  • drawing pad tutorial
  • custom colours added to the original colours
  • tips and tricks tab
  • other (add)



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The block "when __ not touching __"
since using values for "not touching" is a bit tedious


I personly would have done

  • chat page, option to mute a player
  • drawing pad tutorial
  • custom colour picker
  • tips and tricks
  • other (add in comments below)


You may choose up to 3 options.

Because you can only vote three, though your entitled to your own opinions...


Yeah, we need more "when" blocks! :smile:


not only more when blocks, but imagine if you could put a when block inside an if statement? just imagine the possibilities for a sec...

when ur done imagining...

there is no way that was more than 2 minutes, you keep imagining!

that was a lot of imagining, and a lot of possibilities, don't you think?


I think that maybe we could have a block that's free spaced we will call it Free Choiced! This means that you can make it so that it's like something that has not been created like all your things that everyone above is saying for example,
I pick free choiced and I made a block called When block is tapped make block disappear or something like that. Even though we can already do that something like that isn't created would really do in handy. It will be in all the rule tabs as well,


Hey remember to search before you post this topic has been talked about alot