If the reviews keep getting worse, will there be no hopscotch?


People are reaally trashing hopcotch. And, more people are leaving. Check out these photos:

Credit to @friendship2468
If there are no users, or very little, will there be a hopscotch?


Possibly. Liza mentioned (I think) making positive reviews to keep it open :wink:


That is sadly possible ;-;

I recomend writing a nice review for them! :D
I did!


Evidence for the court


Well thats great!! I don't want it to close!! I'm leavi.ng temporarily for school, and I want to come back to code!!


This update has gotten a lot of hate unfortunately ;-;

But, if you think about it, the Hopscotchers who are still here later will be the ones who really care about it :D
If people are writing mean reviews about this update and leave because of it, they didn't really care so much before either. :0000

But the only thing we can do is to write good, positive feedback for this! :D


Who does lol?

We gotta keep the good ratings coming though :wink:


Yeah. These reviews and complaints and leaving or really duping hopscotch


Yeah but we want moar Hops to discover this amazhang app :wink:

So good reviews (and fewer bad ones) are importante!

Spelling ftw


Go @xXBARNSLEYFCXx!!! Great review!!!

Btw why you sign of as "...22"? Lol



Sure, just give credit to me for the photos


Oh nevermind sorry. I'm aleready in my topic!!


Hey you use one of my photos here lol


I saw your review smishsmash


This is horrible ;-; THT put a lot of work into this update, and look at the reviews people are giving them! Most of the people writing the bad reviews couldn't make this good of an app if they were a magical unicorn potato! I mean, really?
But I have a question—how could bad reviews end Hopscotch? Would the App Store remove Hopscotch? That would be so horrible!
So let's spam THT with good reviews people! Yayaya


I really wish the update wasn't as frowned upon as it is. It just added new features that you needed to pay for, but the rest of the app is still there.



And who is the "Which Hopscotcher"? :0


If the reviews are terrible, probably


Wait what? What which Hopscotcher?