If the Healey boi is fine now. Then this will all sound really weird



I’m sorry something you really liked got flagged.
But you should really restrain your attitude towards others. Not everyone is out to get you.
Your rage closed the drawing topic. Which is meant for everyone to post art. Not to scream at each other trying to dissuade everyone from the topic who doesn’t share your views of the world.

If you want to talk calmly and contained about the topic to blow off anymore steam you can talk to me on my general topic.

Also if you’re good now about the whole thing then just give me a thumbs up or something, because I wasn’t really here for the closing of the drawing topic.



I’m against the homophobes, so it’s fine.


What homophobes?



Sorry I didn’t reply earlier I was asleep in the loose term.


The people who keep flagging @ChickenGirl’s drawings for no good reason.


Since you got a bit crazy saying that no one should flag it.
I’m thinking someone thought it was reverse psychology and flagged it…



To be honest, I have a plan to make the homophobic spam-flaggers permanently run out of flags.



Just maybe next time you won’t close a mainstream topic.