If something is flagged, how come you can still see it?


I noticed that when something gets flag, you can just press view hidden content to see it. If it was flagged, it obviously isn't supposed to be shown to the community. So why is that feature there?


I honestly don't know. I've been trying to figure it out for a while.


Yeah its weird


I liek reading flagged posts tho ;-;

ye im weird


You can press "view hidden content" only if you want to. I think Discourse just added that to tell you it's violating the guidelines, and could be inappropriate. I'm not sure, though.


Ik me too. Guilty pleasures.


Oh okay. Good to know.


It is meant to be optional as to if you want to read it. It was meant to be like that. :wink:


Yey I'm not the only one


Yeah I have wondered that too. Maybe because it gives context to the rest of the discussion (e.g. some of the post might be relevant, or other posts won't make sense on their own because they are responses to the post that was flagged). Or maybe because so other people can see examples of what content isn't allowed or appropriate by looking at the flagged post.

The initial stage I think is if the community flags it and the flags haven't been approved, then it allows others to view the content still (maybe because, for example, the post might have actually been in accordance with the guidelines). I am with you too that if a flagged post is deemed inappropriate by moderators, it shouldn't be shown though it still is. But I guess moderators can delete the post as well if they think it shouldn't be seen.


Oh okay kooooolio!!!!


I don't know


This is from an old topic I made like 182 days ago about security in Hopscotch. Ever since I have been wondering the same thing.


Maybe it's just if you're wondering or whatnot


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Oops wrong topic sorry


Me too XD

I'm too curious for my own gud :0


Is it bad to like watching drama? Its another guilty pleasure along with reading flagged posts.


I always read flagged posts xD


me too x3