If I do something like really big can you unsuspend me


@liza I feel proud of my friendship account tbh because I have so many badges there and it is kinda legendary here and I feel sad that it can't be used anymore so if I do something of your choice but not too hard and not too easy, will you unsuspend it?
I know you're most likely got to say no but I want one more chance with that. :slight_smile:


I think she will agree but maybe on that account people will see you through different eyes, as the bad girl.

Honestly I think you're amazing and should be given all respect


Thanks Murphy :slight_smile:out of likes for an hour nuuu


If she says yes what will you guys think if she unsuspends it

  • I'll hate you the same way I do now
  • I'll still like you
  • I'll think of you differently


Votes are public.


She'll definitely still like u


Idk, I guess we'll see what Liza says when she is on


I will think of you as Cash

Which is very good :D


Thanks friendship. :slight_smile:


I'm always using that emoji because I'm lazy lol


Maybe email her (Liza)?

I wouldn't think of you differently. You're still the same person- just under a different name. :smile:


We do email each other a lot so maybe that's a good idea.


How about :smiley:


Whenever my friend lily and I are texting each other she literally always uses that lol


This makes absolutely no sense???
Your other topic???
You're not-???


:wink: this XD


I actually didn't know you were friendship till now XD

Yes, I'm that out of date XD I won't really find a difference in you. You're just the same person, in a different account with a fresh new start. :D