If Hopscotch cost money? (And more)


What if Hopscotch cost would you get it?
And should Hopscotch make more buy-able things? Like characters, blocks, abilitys? And should they make a coin based system where depending on how popular your project is you get a certain amount of coins to buy characters, blocks, abilitys? Tell me what you think below- Wookie (not saying they should do this I'm just throwing out ideas)


I wouldn't want that to happen because games that have so many things that cost money make me bored very easily. I don't think hopscotch will run out, they have a version for schools that costs money... (This is my opinion)


I don't think it would be fair to buy blocks. Everyone should have an equal amount of those to learn. I just don't think this would be fair... :confused: Just my opinion


Hopscotch probably shouldn't make more buyable things because people like me, can't buy anything that cost money. If Hopscotch did cost money, I sadly wouldn't be able to buy it.


I agree, I think we should all have a fair share. Because people that maybe can't afford to spend money on those couldn't make as complex projects, it just wouldn't be fair. I agree with @SmileyAlyssa


I wouldn't be able to get it on my school iPad :confused: they already have a 10 dollar one for schools


If it was money I wouldn't have started


And then the good Hopscotchers would...


well, at least rule hopscotch.


Yeah I agree to I'm just throwing out ideas @smishsmash @SmileyAlyssa @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf


My school has iPads too, but I have my home iPad Air 2 so, people at schools with school iPads wouldn't be able to have those things :frowning:


It's fine! It's just our opinions! @Wookie


Yeah I play it on my school I pad at school and on my I pad mini at home


Same.... I wouldnt buy it if it cost money probobly, I like saving for more important stuff (not that hopscotch isn't important but I'd rather not spend it on in app per chases :wink:


I don't want Hopscotch to cost money. But on the other hand, I guess Hopscotch needs money to fund everything, so they can improve Hopscotch.


I mean I agree they shouldn't make more buy things


There's a school version that costs 10$ with everything unlocked


How can you get that?


Buy it for 10$ in the App Store!


But it's not on the App Store???? @PopTart0219


Yep. Especially because I can't buy thing because I have a school iPad.