If bored... READ!


Are you bored? Need to do something or you might leave? Well, me and others will post photo of stuff you could mabye code or draw! Good luck! And PLEASE stay if you think you're bored and might leave.

Whatt iis codng

Question: Are you board?


This isn't HS. Related at all


Yes, it is, actually. She said that she will post something you can code or draw in HS! Always think my other solutions before you post.


Not really. I got something from @Rawrbear! And I'm in umm.. Well lotsapizzas club but now she's... is shivelight on HS now so... So ya I'm fine. Tots fine.


You bored... Good at drawing or code


Exactly @Razor... @EnchantedAnimallover is right... And we don't want more people quiting


sorry :sweat:


It's fine. All good. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Happiness is BAE!!!! BAE IS LIFE!!!!