If Blank Freeze [CLOSED]


  1. The lack of lists & multi-dimensional arrays

Why: That should be self evident. This is a significant limitation when the work around requires the use of HS objects just to hold data and their associated overhead causes projects with too many “data objects” to lag. Even beginners would quickly grasp the concept of lists (and arguably should be exposed to them).

  1. The lack of troubleshooting capabilities. E.g., being able to step into or break & step through the code to follow/understand the code sequence and watch how variables/traits change.

Why: Setting an object’s text to watch a variable is only mildly helpful as it’s only updated at one discrete time per frame & the execution can’t be paused to view momentary changes). This is the reason I never finished the Rubik’s Cube project Also, most HSers don’t understand the intra-frame code flow, so this would be a huge help to everyone.

  1. The inability to reuse code between projects. At least make it so code can be copied if you are the original author of the project where the copy is initiated. (I understand this isn’t as simple as it seems due to the structure of the json data, but it’s certainly technically feasible)

Why: Again, that should be self evident. No one wants to waste time recreating code, especially when it contains long arduous formulas. This would also allow the use of smaller test projects to work out a particular section of code in simpler project & then move it to the larger more complicated project.

I cancelled my subscription due to frustrations with the app & community, but I would likely return and once again encourage my kids to use Hopscotch if these improvements were implemented.


How they removed “preview”? Yeah (kinda)

If you get the Shortcuts App, you can transfer variables and rainbow blocks of code across projects.

I agree for the most part. These are some severe limitations at times. Some have workarounds such as my shortcut being able to transfer code and some things I wish for too

One example I wish for still is having game rules (pink rule blocks) starting closed

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Me too. Scrolling can be annoying
I think I said this already lol


Me too. I understand why awesomeonion recommends the custom rules solution to me (it’s a great workaround and doesn’t have many detriments don’t get me wrong), but it’s not my solution nor a solution for several of us.

I’m going to make a topic in 4-5 days about “advanced user settings”. It’ll be a stretch and will take quite a bit of time to develop, but totally worth it for “power users” such as myself.


Sounds interesting, I must see this when it comes out


@Ana Is it possible to instead update the major player versions instead of using the minor versions?

I am still getting freezing in old published projects with the blank conditional, which was fixed in the minor version.

“Resizesble Window” demonstrates that in a tap rule.

This also demonstrates the chracter’s set width and height inconsistencies.



Player 1.0.x still affected


@AwesomeOnion has this been fixed with 1.0.5 for older projects?

Edit: yeah it seems so. If that’s the case, please go ahead and close the topic. (Leaders, please wait for confirmation on this one)


@AwesomeOnion so this has been fixed for 1.0.x?

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