Idle User On Forum?


I Saw An Idle User Named @Alfie. It Was Idle For A Over A Year Now (Due To Anniversary Badge). I Could See It Was Idle Because It Had No Posts. It Didn't Even Have The Member Badge, And Never Changed Their Pictures. Is This A Certain User, Or Just An Idle Ordinary User?


If you don't mind me asking, what is an idle user?


I guess an inactive one :wink:


Does it really matter? There are a lot of old inactive users.


What I'm Trying To Say Is That The User Was NEVER Online At All. It Only Signed Up.


It Only Was On For 8 Days, And There Was No Topics, It Just Created An Account, And THAT'S ALL.


(Alfies Likes Recieved)


They probably posted something and deleted it.

Anyways, they actually visited 8 days, read 50 posts, and spent 20 minutes reading stuff. :D


Possibly True?

more description