Yollo peeps of dad Hopscotch!! As some of meh bootiful friend no, I cannot go on Hopscotch due to


Sorry! You have no idea. I can't even log into my account. Requests? Digital or plain ol' paper, either one works. Except on paper I can't do color. :unamused: I know emojis I'm sorry. Anyway...fill out dem form.
Luv y'all.

Request Form

  1. Gender;

  2. Skin Color (pic or description);
    -Eye color;

  3. Hair;
    -Style (optional):

  4. Clothing;

  5. Pokémon (optional):

  6. Extra;


I will read now


Draw it where you want


digital please :3


K peeps! That'll b six jk


Request Form

Gender; Male

Skin Color (pic or description); Light Tan
-Eye color; Black

-Bangs: No
-Color: Black
-Length: Medium
-Style (optional): Hanging

Clothing; A white shirt with a black jacket over it and open.

Pokémon (optional):

Extra; I have glasses, and a iPhone


Sorry it's taking so long! 7th grade is CRA ZY