Ideas Wanted! (ASAP)


Hi again!
Do you guys have any ideas for me? I am STUCK on what I should code next! A game… some kind of drawing pad or whatever…?
I have no idea! Let me know by replying to this!


Make a game about how to turn cocoa beans into chocolate or something lol

Or maybe a drawing pad that has every color in the world

Or maybe a trail art of a realistic eye

Or maybe a pixel art of a super detailed minion

Or maybe some beautiful music




Thanks for the ideas!


You should check out all the ideas that others posted above. They are really good ideas.


Of course, @William04GamerA


Maybe a new drawing app (like mines.)


@GradyTheAwesome- Thank you for your comment and suggestions! It will definitely be taken into account!

Thank you so much guys for helping me out! Keep em coming!


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Sorry , I’m using email reply.