Ideas? Urgent. Sorry rawrbear, Not your place your still my favorite hopscotcher though ;)


I need ideas for games, anyone creative enough to come up with their own.
The games must not
Be copied from other ideas
Creative and fun
Not too big or too small


The game

One More Jump

Search it up on the App Store

Then transform it into HS


Creativity please, i said not copied, sorry though :grin:


Oh okay

Good thing

Because I was already doing that


Why tell me than, im a faster coder than 82 percent of hopscotch


Because I thought maybe you wanna try it

And also it is SOO hard so I might give up on that idea


Dont give up, creativity is key. Can you come up with an idea though.



Get Back On Topic


Maybe a Photo Booth

The water bottle flip challenge in HS


How do you know that?

Also, what are your strengths? Trail art, music, what?


Gbot please. Lets forget about that.


A photo booth? Hopscotch doesnt allow camera
And bottle flip challenge, maybe. But thats too hard.


There is a game on the App Store called six! I challenged some people to make it, and I challenge you to!

It's called six on the App Store!


I don't know

I am just going wacky right now

So I don't know what am I saying


Off Topic

I love that game!

Okay bai


Creativity, no copied games.


What do you mean?

I asked about your strengths because you wanted ideas....


Oh xD.... Medium. But i get very impatient. So not too big, but not too small.
And no copied games from the app store


It's not copying, it's remaking..

I'm just trying to help. I get ideas from games on the AppStore!


Do you want a game?


YAS, I thought of this a while back but the problem is that it's almost impossible to do the falling physics in hopscotch