Ideas to Add to the Hopscotch App



Hello! This is Pegasus! And, this is a list of some things I think The Hopscotch Team should take into consideration about Hopscotch. In no particular order.

-A list of your followers
We've been asking for this for a while- and not because we are greedy follower counters. But it would be useful.

-A list of who you follow
I guess while at it...
Although one might think the "Following" tab should be enough, but someone might not publish a project in a while, and be hard to find. Yes, I know I should know who I'm following....

-A "followers" projects' tab
It would be nice to see what those who are following you are publishing.

-A branch tree
Some way to see the way a project changed from branch to branch, all branching out from the original project.
Loading every branch may be laggy, so just the path leading to the original. Or, the remix box in the corner of the project should somehow include the original creator & the creator of the one being remixed.
Bleh, run- on sentences.
Also, what happened to the remix counter? Just wondering.

-A way to give credit to someone officially
Credit, collabs, clubs, coding partners, etc. They all happen unofficially.
This is just half an idea...

-Place for HSB colors!!!
Okay, excited about this one.
So, you know how there is a "Hopscotch colors" place in the code when selecting colors?
Well, there should be an HSB color spot too!
Because THT gave a tuturial on carefully copying and pasting so the app is tricked, and inserts the HSB color...
Wouldn't it be easier if there was simply a color picker function?
It doesn't need to actually pick the colors, just type in the numbers.
Whether the colors would save to account or project depends on if they would be stolen...

-"Turn towards finger" codeblock
Yes, I know @oio did figure this out.

-Invisibly cloak color
This would turn the object invisible, but also cut off objects behind. Not quite sure how what objects turn invisible would be controlled..

-Putting values in text blocks!
This way, the text could change with the values.
Could also be used with HSB color picker projects- insert the values into the color... etc.

Big glitchy things:
-Color changing of shapes. The angle and size resets, and some colors don'e work at all.
-Lag Lag Lag Lag
-App crashing

If you actually read through all that, thank you

Okay guys! Thank you so much for the support on this topic so far!
Post your thoughts in the comments, because I will definitely add some of your ideas to the list!

-Search tabs within a profile
This way, users can find a specific project of a specific user!
Would be VERY useful

-Reorganizing Projects
This would allow users to move around their projects, possibly into sections, to show their best. That way, old favorites can be seen without all that scrolling!

-A 'go to top' and a 'go to bottom' button!
Yes! Like on this forum! No more scrolling!!

This is related to the reorganizing projects.
Each user could have their own hashtags on each project- yes, like on this forum. They could be created for their specific profile- for example, I could have a hashtag dor my original characters Hatter and Minty.

-A "once ______ equals _______" checker
So, you know the "when ___ equals ____" button and the "when ______ is pressed" button? Well, if an appearence, such as invisibility is set with that, it's fine. But if an action happens, like moving or making a noise, it will happen over and over until the condition is over. So, this would make that action happen only once.

-An 'until _______' checker
This can be done with values and check once if blocks, but actions during certain time frames would be really useful. Other pink blocks could be set inside this pink block.

Music Ideas today!

-More pitches
Both higher and lower please! It is annoying to have to tweak songs a lot so they can be coded on Hopscotch.

-More instruments
Synthesizer sound, dubstep noises, more drumbeats, voice, etc. Available in any pitch.

-Holding out notes
The old projects would have to have to be set to an automatic time so they don't get messed up- if you see what I mean.


For the followers projects thing, they have a channel for that!


Great ideas! Maybe post them here?

Or here?

Or here!

My favorites are the branch tree and the followers!


Oh sorry! Your followers! Not the people you follow!


@Pegasus I love all the ideas! I'm most excited about:
HSB Block! People have campaigned for this for a while, and I think it would be a great block for @staff to add!

Give credit to people! This is an AWESOME Idea I've never heard before! I think it would be awesome to have a place where you can give credit to user(s) in the Publishing page!


@RubyStars I see. Are those topics very popular, and will my ideas be seen? Or should there be less topics on the same thing? Merp. Does that mean I should close this topic! Thanks for the list of related topics.

@EggsOnSaturn1 Wait, I know nothing about this follower channel. Please tell me more. Is it on the app itself? How do I access it?


You could leave this topic open, and put it in some of the others. That way twice as many people see it!


Oh! Lol.
By following channel you mean the one IN app that shows who you follow. Well, that clears things up!


Great ideas! I agree with all of them!


Okay! I have added new ideas to the list!
Please share your thoughts in the comments,
I will definitely add some of your ideas to the list!
Thank you for support!