Ideas? please help!


Hi everybody I wanted to know if anyone has any coding ideas.:grinning: I can't think of any.:unamused: I was thinking of something to do with food.:fork_and_knife: Not a taco maker that idea is already taken.:disappointed_relieved: please help!


You could make empanada maker game!


what is that?:confused:


oh wait I know sorry I was thinking that empanada was em panda I read it wrong. Sorry!:innocent:


Here is a list of things you can make:

Emoji Maker

My Zoo Game

Drawing Pad


Pop tart has a huge list. @PopTart0219


Here are some food ideas! :smile:

  • Food eater!
  • (Think of your favorite food) maker!
  • Food slingshot!


Here are a couple of ideas

  • a hotdog eating contest to see who can eat the most hotdogs in 30 seconds (against the computer)

  • I recently started working on a sunday maker, I don't mind if you make one too!

  • you work at a small food court and you sell bad quality food that tastes gross, each time you sell something your food starts tasting better and you get more money which can be spent to buy more ingredients, upgrades, etc

  • Restaurant game, but not the usual one, instead of making the food, you order, eat and pay for it!