Ideas for Yoda Adventures?



Hi Hopscotchers!

You might have seen my game, Yoda Adventures. Currently, only one thing ever happens in the game, and now, as the title suggests, i'd like some help with ideas on what I should add to the game. You will of course get credit for your idea if I choose to use it.

It would be good if the idea had at least something to do with the Star Wars story... XD
But it can be something else.
You can also suggest improvements to the game, or tell me what you would like to work differently.





You don't have something in the "OMTL"!
Maybe add some more storm troopers!


Maybe you should do so you can change character!
I'm a really huge fan of the Yoda adventure!


Wait, your updating that project :o

Umm, force? I have not played that in a while.

Add different worlds! Like degoba and hoth and stuff like that :wink:


K here I have some ideas...

Make Obi Wan appear as a hologram in the corner sometimes giving you instructions or saying like, good work! I dunno.

Have you face bad guys from star wars chosen at random and then go to Darth Vader :0


I just had to get it from the topic first :D
But more storm troopers is absolutely an idea worth considering... Only thing is, the one i've got now is built of like 20 parts or something XD...


Add a droid that go after you! (Like R2D2 or BB8)

  • BB-8
  • R2-D2


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Really good ideas! I think I'm gonna add Obi-Wan :D
But how should I make him?


Or maybe you find one of them somewhere in the game... Nice idea :D


Yes! It would be amazing! Maybe you should tap on a button like "catch" and catch it!



I was thinking a hologram of his head and neck, but for his mouth, it goes up and down like a puppet mouth?

(Because I thought it would be funny :stuck_out_tongue:)



Hem hem. Sorry.


Maybe if you catch a droid, it will show you a hologram sometimes!


Oh! That'll be easier than his whole body, as I thought you meant. But the problem still persists, how should I make it look like Obi-Wan?


Hmmmmmm let me get a reference and see if I can help.


I think like this:


Wait what? @JaggedJeans what and why did you edit the topic? :D

Edit: Ah I see, @BB-Box. Didn't look there, just looked at the title. Thanks both of you!


K so maybe add a normal head and neck, and then add almond eyes, and grey hair. But he has wrinkles, so use like (s and )s to shape the wrinkles?


He add the category "project " right?