Ideas for the hopscotch team


I have a few ideas for hopscotch. They are:
Online multiplayer maker
Ability to make an ai system (like ai in shooters and horror games)
Have any other ideas Hopscotchers? Put it in the replies!
What do you guys think about my ideas?


We have a lot of topics for ideas, including this one:

Also, Asha and System aren’t part of THT. You should tag Liza and awesomeonion instead.


You can code your own AI in Hopscotch right now, you don’t need a “feature”. You just need to create a lot of variables and “change rate” for those variables.


Well, won’t that be less like AI and more like logic?
I did create a program called OMIER who is a chatbot, but he cannot learn, do you have a way for him to learn?


That’s what I meant.


Well, it is possible. I even created a chat bot (which I’m really proud of.)


I put your chat bot it on youtube. Too many shortcuts like dg for dog and ct for cat.


I know, the problem is, Hopscotch’s variables can only be so long, and cat or dog is over the limit.


You can create an AI on Hopscotch and basically in most programming languages. The limitations are not (just) on programming languages but on our understanding of what “intelligence” even mean.


What would you say is an AI program that could be done on Hopscotch?


Tic-tac-toe. You can make a game where it always plays with a winning (or tie) strategy. I was halfway making it but then lost interest.


Can I see the project so far? A puzzle solver would count as an AI program, right?


The first two turns are completed, then I didn’t do the rest. I used custom blocks to make it pretty easy to implement/change.


Finish it!


I looked through the code, I understand it (barely) but woah! It is super complicated!


An idea for the hopscotch team would be pixel fonts in the set text. You can type and the text will be pixelised. It will save us from a ton of cloning and lag. And also take up a lot less time.

Or even being able to paste in pixel fonts from other resources.



I did that once.

Sometimes it cheated though.

I started redoing it but got bored.