Ideas for the Hopscotch System



So, maybe for the next update is that we have a stronger system when things get flagged on the forum. This idea is also for the app so for example, on Club Penguin, they have certain rules like no hacking, swearing,or being mean. If the user does not follow these rules, it is banned for a amount of time so they learn their lesson. On the hopscotch forum, when something is flagged for example, inappropriate. Yes. Ok. It is hidden. But it is possible to still veiw. So who knows?? Little kids may see it as funny and follow along with that behavior. These are reasons we should have some more stronger sytems for Hopscotch.


You might want to post these ideas on one of the many idea topics :wink:.


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Like @AHappyCoder said,
You may want to post these amazing ideas of yours in the "Ideas for Improving Hopscotch Topic".

I think it's great that you are suggesting on being more safe on the forum. However, millions of replies are flagged every day. Half of them are unnecessary. If a hopscotcher were to get multiple unnecessary flags that hopscotcher could be suspended unnecessarily.


Thats why they should be approved.I forgot about that part. So the most thing I am "against" is that you can veiw the hidden content.

If something is flagged, how come you can still see it?

Yes, I agree! Sometimes viewing hidden content can be a problem! Luckily we have awesome people that help reassure it's safe.


I think only Regulars and above should be able to view the hidden content, because you never know, a basic user could be a 6-year old and if he can view the content, stuff may go wrong.


I am pretty sure if something was really bad Hopscotch would not let anyone see it.


Coulden't a regular be anyone?? Even a 6-year-old??