Ideas for projects!

I feel like we need more in Hopscotch, more ideas so more people can be better. If you have an idea that people have not had done before, answer in the comments! I would love to see everyone’s ideas, no matter how big or small. The more ideas we have, the better Hopscotch will be! So please answer in the comments and we can do this together (This is not just for me to copy people’s ideas, please don’t get that idea).


I think hopscotch is just as good as it can be, because right now you can pretty much make anything. I am testing the new hopscotch Beta and they are adding a function to create your own “When” blocks. Also, Welcome to the forum! Your profile pucture suits your username perfectly!

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There’s a topic like this.

Why was this flagged??? SBYP.

Welcome! Here’s a simple rule: please search if there’s already a topic for this, or some people can fill your topic with “please close” and “sbyp”. But for now it’s ok, I understand, you’re new :D

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Hello and welcome to the forum! There are already a lot of other idea topics, and it’s great to improve them instead of creating a new one. This is fine though, it’s just a friendly reminder to contribute to existing topics before creating a new one. This is not a big mistake at all, so don’t worry.

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