Ideas for Projects! (Come here if you need ideas)



#Is this you?

#Well then… You need ideas? Try some of these!
(I dont think anyone else did this, I searched before I posted)
I will sort this in categorizes

But before I start… Try writing stuff in a notebook or a notepad! You can find some ideas!

This is pretty hard… But here we go

  • Try to make a spin on your favorite movie! (Ex, starwars, harrypotter, etc)
  • go outside, or find something in your house. Look at it, and this of it moving!
  • Think about the past, like school, or a vaction! Make an animation of that :D


  • Try recreating your favorite app! (Ex, minecraft, sock puppets, candy crush, etc)
  • Think of a movie, make it a game!
  • Port a game onto hopscotch! You can even add your own twist!

Trail/Text Art

  • Look around your house and find an object. Code it!
  • Code your favorite animal!
  • Make a still scene from your favorite movie!
  • Code yourself!
    -make code something from nature or outside

#Ok… I made this a wiki! So you can add your own ideas :D

Ideas for a new project
(td’s gt) sjjsjs
The Hopscotch Ideas Topic!
BB-Box idea topic :D
Idea for a new game, anyone?

Here's a like :hearts:!!!


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I understand. Maybe you could tutorial topic? You could give custimizable tutorials on basic games.


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Like the vidios, only with writing and pictures, and people can give you tutorial request.


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