Ideas For Project?-List Below



I need game ideas, any suggestions?


A foot ball game in a meteor shower


Thanks for the idea! I'll start working on it, I'll give u lots of credit!:blush:


Well that was quick...


Maybe make your own hopscotch character? I prefer @OrangeScent1's idea. Football in a meteor shower,


It just randomly popped up in my head lol


Hi! Aren't you supposed to be at soccer? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Year book is boring. You should make a Hopscotch yearbook! Lol random ideas!


Shameeee... I love yearbook! Anyway,



Sorry! Our teacher had been talking for a while, like for an hour and a half, and that's the part that is boring! She is talking about pages that aren't mine, so I don't really need to listen, but she won't let us do the actual yearbook!


Lol. :joy::wink:
Ok, lets actually get on topic now. :wink:
Hmm... project ideas. Ok, you know what? Lets just ask PopTart for the list.


Yeah! She has a good list! And sorry again if I insulted you! I'm going to start thinking more before I post, again, sorry!


How about an Art Pad or a reaction game (a game relying on how fast you can react, like osu! and Super Hexagon)?
Remember that your possibilities are endless!


@NeonCleats1 do you like any of the ideas?


These are such good ideas! I'm surprised that anyone answered or posted anything! I love the football game and the reaction game! I'm also making a dragon quest game right now, so if u guys have any dragon templates I would love to see them!


Also soccer was canceled because the field is covered in snow.:scream:


What? So you just got to SKIP YEARBOOK???!!!!


Lets get back on topic! :wink:


It's fine, I'm good. I know you were bored and Hopscotch is more fun than listening to people talk. :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smile::laughing:

Ok, ok, heres an idea,

We actually get back on topic instead of just talking about it!!! :wink: :laughing:


Yep! I'm out of likes again! 🙄


Funny Aly, always out of likes. I was looking for s dragon template anyone know a good dragon template?


R u 2 friends As?