Ideas for Phases' Phase 2 (Please no h8 I cri everytiem)



Hey guys, you might be playing Phases by Ketchapp, right? (Not sponsored). I ran out of ideas. Can you give me some ideas for it? Like, a star that spins and becomes bigger and if the character touches it, it dies?

Please don't hate I just wanna suggestions for my game..... :sob:


Hi, I recently gave a shoutout to you,

Maybe you could make like a geometry dash using platforms?


Hey! Thanks for the shoutout. I will make this as a level of Phase 2 in my game (like when you touched the bar, it will continuously go until it will stop to a new bar). Thanks for the suggestion!


Hey! I'm making a Geometry Dash game with 14 others, would you like to join?


If you're talking to me, sure. I'm going to be on for 2 hours


Link please?
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Click on that


Im sorry, LotsaPizza but I don't collaborste, so sorry ;(


Hey, here's what I am doing on your suggestion! Actually, due to many codes, i will limit the platforms to 5 and the first one will trigger the start mode and last one for finish mode and after that, a checkpoint. (Ignore the black one, it's not the one that will kill your character)


That looks good!