Ideas for Newbies


I'm not that great at thinking up good things. And I'm really new. Is there anything not that challenging but fun to the public that I can make?


I might be able to offer a suggestion, but I don't know where to start for you. It would help others to answer your question, if you could share something about your age or grade level and what other programming you have done.

Have you done the coding exercises that the Hopscotch team have prepared to help get you started?


I have done some of the challenge levels. I am in grade six.


We have already built websites in STEM. I think I know what the blocks mean, I just need ideas.


@PopTart0219, CALL THE LIST!!!

(@PopTart0219 has a huge list of ideas you can pick from :yum:)


Thank you!:smile: It is so nice of you guys to help me!


No problem! I ran out of likes, so here ya go! :heart:


I have an idea that I think will be great for you; but, to be sure, first I need you to tell me what the four colored parts of your forum user-picture thingy represent to you.


Red=Fire, Lava, Lightning/Energy. Blue=Water, Ice, Moisture. Green=Life. Brown=Soil, Foundation.


Ha! Perfect. That's exactly what I expected to read. It also tells me that you are an abstract and profound thinker! This is goodness. I have been waiting for.. a "sign" of sorts to extend an invitation, a challenge having a lot to do with your picture. Are you interested?.


Okay, let me tell you my idea. And, if you like it, we can extend it to the rest of the forum.

See, sometimes I see these posts where peeps are running out of ideas. Or maybe they want something new. Not sure. Often, I am at a loss to answer. But I am sure that this idea is one from which a serious coder will learn things that no other project can teach. It's this: The "Five-Element Challenge". I have been wanting to invite others to really, really think about the elements and to capture them - in code - behaviorally, aesthetically, etc. How do Earth, Water, Air and Fire appear, move, change, evolve? And how might we imagine a fifth fanciful element, sometimes called "quintessence" or "Aether" or "Prana" or "Qi" or whatever you like?

It's both a code/science project and an art project. Are you feelin' it?


Best idea ever! You could show elements like fire, water and earth on one planet, separated into four sections! That is awesome! :smiley:


Yes, @Rawrbear. And here is what I had in mind: Five weeks. Five weeks of challenges. Week 1 is for making your "Earth" project. Week 2 would be "Water" week. And so on. Each week, projects would be made and published with the name "#5EC-" followed by the week's element name. The number of "likes" becomes the basis for "winning" - not that there is any losing. You get the picture...

But does it give you any ideas? :sunglasses:


Yeah, a lot of them! Thank you!! :grin:


Well, @Rawrbear, we're not done. We need to extend the invitation in a thread. I was thinking about asking @Liza and @asha and others to give it some thought and see if they want to help make it a thing. You know, an actual competition. Something educational. Even... spectacular.

I mean, come on, imagine us coming-up with a hundred different ways to make water with ripples and waves, etc. Or fire! What about fire? Have we even come close in any project so far published to capturing the mesmerizing dance and color of a flame? And then there's electricity. That could be someone's "fifth element" if they like. Somebody recently was out of ideas and I challenged him to make lightning. He did an awesome job! And I think he enjoyed it. Well...

Can Hopscotch users create the "four elements" of the ancients in a code/science/art project? And can they envision and code a fifth? I think so. Will they want to? That's another question. One that I can't answer.

What does anyone else think?


Yeah, I'm with this! Should you or I make a topic?


You're awesome. I'll do it. I have an idea about how I'd like to pitch this. But, wow! Is it gonna be cool to have your enthusiastic involvement!

And, of course, we need to thank @AwesomeWaterDragon for having that neat picture and for answering my question so nicely.


Awesome!! I'll make a sample project right now! :smile:


Welcome to hopscotch! How about a tapper or watch the angry birds video!

From your furry friend -huggingfluffybear


Do you still need The List?