Ideas for new name?


Okay, guys, so, I'm thinking of changing my name on hopscotch! Anybody have an ideas of what I should change it to?




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I don't like sharks, they are scary to me. I was thinking HermioneGranger?


I think you should keep it the way it is :slightly_smiling:


I kinda want to, sorry.


But I what people to notice me more by my name, like t1 is really unique and AHappyCoder expresses her feelings with her username


'ow 'bout this?


Ok, think of something you like and make a name with it. And make it original so people notice it! That's what I did with my name :wink:


Hmm.. Sounds good. What about GinnyPotter?


Hermione to the Office? A+ Passenger?


There is someone called that already I think.


Make a poll with that!


I want soothing that makes me happy, something to do with Harry Potter, maybe?


SorcererStudios? Idk...
(as you can see, I like aliteration XD)




HappyPotter Productions?


Coder's Stone?
I really like Hermione.
How about Hermione names:
Hermione Studios?
Smart Witch?


POTTER PRODUCTIONS!!! That's awesome!! Thanks!
What about:
granger danger?
ABC Hermione?
A+ Bus?
Muggle Hermione?


@AHappyCoder @Ihasfluffycupcakes @CreativeCoder

  • Potter Productions
  • Sorceror's Studios
  • Granger Danger
  • Muggle-Ione
  • Ginny's Codes
  • Coding Witch