Ideas for New Hopscotch Updates



So guys, there have been many topics about this, but I wanted to make a new one. Please post ideas for Hopscotch updates. There has been talk about an update with Hopscotch on the iPhone. When the iPad does come out they may include some ideas listed below (if you decide to reply).


Hmm backpack and CLOUD VALUES!


I want a comments tab underneath projects. Instead of remixing projects, which can take down your reputition. These will help us give feedback, but you should be able to report.


Cloud values would be amazing! But would be really hard.


Maybe a forum on the app. Add more characters too.


That would be awesome, but then the forum would be a different place. A lot bigger and with size comes responsiblility, and trolls


Agree I like the forum right here!


Yeah, the forum is a place for people who are serious about Hopscotch, not people who are here just to play games or remix


Maybe you have to have 100 likes to get to the forum, like in clash of clans with the clan castle (not advertising)


No that would not be fair!! Let's just keep it on whatever browser you have!


But like, how would we decide who can use the forum on the app (if it was a thing) ranks?


I think there are topics for this already. :wink:


Yes but it's good to start fresh! Just not to many!