Ideas for my new game?



I'm making a game called Brownie Maker and I'd like to know your opnions!

The starting screen:

The intro:

Do you like it? Let me now what you think along with some ideas!


Can we connect it with a drone that delivers brownies to Hopscotch HQ?!?!


Hmm... if possible, yes!


It looks sooooo cool! Can't wait for it to come out!


@SQUISHY Thank you very much!


I love Emily's character design! I'm excited already!


you could have an oven appear in the centre and have emoji squares to look like brownies on a tray in the oven. Have a fire emoji invisible beneath each square and have it become visible randomly between 1 min and 2 min. This would look like the brownies burning. then have a different bigger fire emoji appear 2 seconds after the first. if the bigger emoji touches the square the square becomes invisible and is gone. When the first emoji appears you must quickly tap the square and have it move to a plate. this would look like a brownie cooking in the oven and you have to quickly tap it to move to a plate before it burns and is gone. Hope this suggestion helped in some way.


I agree. It would be cool if it was like one of those baking simulators where you can put in ingredients, bake it, decorate, etc.


Very funny Liza! :smile:


Your project looks awesome so far


Wow that is cool
i like how you made the person


I think that the design is good. I like it. I personally think that it's going to be great when it is finished! :wink: Keep up the good work!


@teddyweddy23 Thank you!


@Liza So so so so funny!


This is so cool i love it cant wait to see the finished product!


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Maybe you can have different recipes at the beginning and we can chose from them. One example could be that we can have brownies with chocolate chips in it .and regular brownies so everyone has a choice


That looks amazing can't wait for it to come out!


When's it coming out? It looks so cool!


Hey guys, I've seen your project and was wondering if I could help. I think that your coding skills are amazing and want to be just like you. I think I can help you by using some of my in progress game to help you. Please reply back.