Ideas for my new game in beta



I have made a brand new game. Its called Survive the Disasters. (yes, based off the Roblox game) I would like ideas for disasters. Any ideas? Pictures of the game:


Make a snake jump thing like flappy bird with snakes instead of tubes and add that on dis


Maybe. Just maybe. I'm still thinking.


It would be really hard and you would have to use a lot of values


The funny thing is. This game already has a lot of values and took one night and 1 hour to make the first version. :smiley:


One thing, you should color your doughnuts pale.



Sure. I didn't think about that. Thanks!


Sadly, I have never played roblox. But the game looks awesome! :slight_smile::thumbsup:


I love that game!! It's my favorite on Roblox! :smiley:


@Rawrbear that means you play Roblox? :stuck_out_tongue: not much of a fan :confused:


I don't play it often, probably once every 2-6 months! :yum: