Ideas for my birthday project and my anniversary project



So, my birthday is on July 23.
And when it's September, I've been on hopscotch for a year.
I'm making projects to celebrate them!
I know those events are not really happening-soon, but I need ideas for my projects.
U see, I hardly code, it will take me a looooong time to make two coding projects :stuck_out_tongue:
There would only be a 20% chance that I can finish it before those things happened.

I'm planning to do a trail art or decoration game
Plz gimme ideas :3
Don't judge my grammer mistakes:3


Happy birthday
Maybe you can do me

Trail art

SKIN-Olive tone
HAIR-Brown,long,and wavy
DRESS-A long purple dress with straps
SHOES-Black high heels
EXTRAS-Glasses-Black and square and Necklace-White flower

Or maybe a tree
Or a dog


guz im actually doing this ;-;
i know u have probably saw the topic @Rawrbear created:
im actually doing two coding projects
i will show u an undone photo later
i need ideas


Maybe you could do a sort of party atmosphere? Or you could do a trail art of your favorite birthday-related thing...or you could do a party game as a Hopscotch Pin the Tail on the Donkey or something, but Hopscotchified!
Hope that helps...I can see where you could run out of unique ideas for this one.