Ideas for more Profile Customisation

So on HS you can set your picture if you have pro or pay seeds but what if you could also do other things that customised your profile but still didn’t give away personal info?

Some Ideas

Pinning a project
I think we should be able to pin one ore more projects to the top of your profile so people will see your best ones when they visit and not have to scroll a ton to find them.

User card backgrounds
Kind of like on here I think we should be able to set a profile banner. It could be the thumbnail of your newest project.

There should be a summary in your profile that could be set as “only allow followers to see” or public but it would have to be approved first by THT. It would be a way of saying what kind of things you make.

Color scheme
I’ve seen other people who have other color schemes and it doesn’t make since… mine has always been cyan but other people have pink, yellow, orange, and green… but it would be nice to be able to change what colours you like and that when someone visits your profile they see those colours.

More badges
I think there should be more badges to make people want to collect them and choose which ones to show. (Right now I think there’s only Top Planter badge)

Total likes, Total followers
Not completely sure about this one because they may not have it for a good reason but I think it should be considered.

One other idea:

What if we could message on HS but it is only certain phrases we can say. Like yiu could go to a persons profile, tap on “Send Message” and then it opens a chat room that has blocks (kinda like coding blocks) of phrases you can say.


Hi! [select user] ! I love your [select project]!

Hey could we do a collab on [select draft]?

Thank you for the mushrooms!

It would all be like blocks of code in HS but messaging. I think it woul dbe a safe way of being able to communicate somewhat with others and share projects with those who are’nt able to be on the Forum.

Finally, I think there could be a preview of a game you’ve made as it’s thumbnail or as your banner. (Like a gif)


Cool ideas! I’ve seen some of them suggested before, but I haven’t seen the color scheme idea before. I’d definitely love to see that one implemented in Hopscotch. And I’d love to see the other ideas as well! Total followers and total likes can make Hopscotch more a popularity contest, while the key thing is to have fun. So I personally disagree with that idea.


Yeah I understand with the popularity thing but maybe you could choose whether to show it or not.

  • I like all these ideas and want them added
  • I like some of these ideas and want them added
  • I don’t want more profile customisation!

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Do you mean like a bio?

Lol I think a “stats” page would be another good idea. Apart from that, I think those are great!


Yeah like a bio.


These are color-matched and depend on the avatar type you’ve selected. Even with a custom image, they match what the previously selected avatar was (before changing to a custom image) as far as I have seen.

Interesting idea nonetheless.

This reminds me of the customizable seed popup idea but I think this would really help in making your profile stand out. Great idea!


Ah that makes more since. I wasn’t really complaining about cyan since it matches the colors I normally use, but I still think it would be helpful to others to be able to change it and have other people see it when they visit their profile.

Thanks! Others have had this idea before but I’m not sure about the thumbnail of latest game. (Pretty sure that’s my original idea) either way I think it would be a very useful addition.


This is technically possible. All you have to do is switch out of your custom pfp if you have one (Note: Make sure you still have the image, and make sure you’re ready to wait for HS to approve it again) to the built-in pfp with the color scheme you want (they’re all different). Once you find one, switch back to your custom PFP and the color scheme should stay, even once it’s been approved. However yes, there should be an easier way to do this, and you should be able to enter any hex value you want (as long as the hex is valid).

Absolutely. Knowing me, I’d probably just put random stuff there lol, but it really should be added