Ideas for modified characters



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I want ideas to make modified characters. I know how to make them, and I usually use monkey because it's quite easy ps I'm sorry that I did that with SQUISHY's comment it's because I don't really know how to do it without continuing a different conversation


Modify octo to make him a girl by adding eyelashes and a different mouth. I just made angry octo modified character


Great idea! And just wondering, do you have fancy key? (It's a app)


Yes I have it and it very glitchy but I use itfor e,ojis anyway


Yes it's mostly the fonts that are glitching, and I saw @AwesomeKitty's tutorial about falling emojis and made a smooth background with falling emojis. Wanna check it out? Here's the link
ihasfluffycupcake's smooth background with falling emojis!