Ideas for Minecraft?


I just published a new project, in like 37 weeks, does anyone have any Ideas?
For the minecraft


How About Some Characters Unlike Steve? We Can Have More?


I think you should have nether


The ended dragon!! That would be so cool and redstone! Is it 2D or 3D?


I would love survival mode, and have blocks that you can collide with! And everyone else's ides :wink:


the endear dragon would be amazing!!!


Omg I thought you were @SnowGirl_Studios!


Yeah :stuck_out_tongue:


can I do this????????


Change to OrangeScent, and remove the tag so she doesn't notice!!!!!


Way ahead of changing to orange scent


I'm crying right now!! :joy:


I am laughing and smiling right now I see so many orange scent heads who's who now I half to read names!


Anyways back on topic!


omg lol what happened when i was gone??? who was me?
-looks at @Rawrbear or @Follow4LikesOfficial-


We had a doppelganger attack

Look on the doppelganger topic


I don't play minecraft, but maybe you could add a playable version? Idk


@Rawrbear i keep thinking your OS! And do an enderman!


No no no no no no do a wolf!


Wait. @Rawrbear has an OC?

Edit: never mind