Ideas for images

  • Pokemon
    As it's easier with images now sprites aren't hard to make and pokemon now can be easier done

  • Undertale
    If @CreativeCoder can make it, I can make it, maybe I might need a bit help for the box thing but whatever

  • Finale fantasy
    RPGs are easier now with images. But still really hard and will probably need a collab for that.

  • Animations
    Prob can do it after a while. Takes a long time but can be done alone

  • 2D mine craft
    It's on stratch but it might be too much for HS too handle
    Who knows?

I'm probably going to start with Pokemon, then Undertale, then Animations then after that prob FF, then after a while maybe 2D mine craft

Whelp that's until I'm done begging for my parents


nice topic tho




Mind if you could share some of those Undertale images like the background or the heart or the buttons? It would rlly help :D


I think I might've deleted them, but I'll see if I can get you some





Wow this is perfect thanks!


Yeah, no prob. I'll see if I can find some more.

This isn't what I used, but it still works lol



You just saved 20 minutes of my life :D<hi


Ask me if you need anything, I can probably get one pretty fast :D


U got some doge memes? I'm making a tem boss fight :D


What do you mean by doge memes? XD

Is that something you need for your project or... XD



silently steals all images


Like shooting doge faces or text or something. Idk some memes :P


Great ideas! Subscription users will find this useful!


I need more info than that lol.

Take these for now

Also, normal Undertale stuff uses the font 8bitoperator jve so...


Ok :D
Thanks for the help