Ideas for Hopscotch (what else!)



What if there was a new users tab? I've heard @PopTart0219 say that she likes seeing new hopscotchers (about auto-follows). And people could chack for inappropriate users, and then take screenshot and email THT


There are a jillion topics for this ;D


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With my exact statement?, the reason I created a new topic was because it's human nature to not like scrolling down
(sigh, on all my fEachure suggestions)
(all 2 of them!)
(I'm way better @debating than last time u remided me)


:stuck_out_tongue: There is a really hard to find button called the "search button" it is very hard to find unless you look up in the top right corner, it looks like this


So funny!, can't handle rolling on the floor!
Yes, it is hard 2 find, or else I'd use it


What do you think about adding a ablity that makes a illuminati symbol dance on it's head on top of a mountain with a massive jogging-out-of-likes tomato?


New users might not know about the Illuminati!, would be nice tho!


Add that as a gif for a new serious of avatars!, (that is, if your a secret designer @THT......)


@Stampys_fans the talk here was deleted.


A tutorial that's working without wifi?!
(YouTube/videos use to much wifi, can't even watch Stampy from Minecraft


Finger hovers on the flag button


gasp, my friend, how could you
so, my regulership is @steak!
Just so I could watch things like tutorials for scrolling, but I have limited wifi, so I'm not allowed to watch them 🙁
(fir some reason, an instinct is thinking you'll write to bad...)
Ha ha, good joke, thx!


You are trolling moi...




Are you happy with your address?


Yep, finished dinner, I'm EXTREMELY happy with addres


If you don't like scrolling down use the helpful box of the lower left. It can go to a specific post of the bottom or top. Seems a lot better than scrolling to me.


I do love seeing new hopscotchers, seeing if they would publish... It's also sneaky for seeing innapropriate and reporting them to the hopscotch team. I can still do that through search, but it's a bit harder :wink: