Ideas for Games


Hi, in this topic I will give you ideas for games to make on Hopscotch. To get the idea list put a replie with @FunDardo so that I know that I should come with an idea, if you want the idea list with details put a #@Fundardo in the post. If you doubt something in the list personally made for you, just ask me a question in this topic


Well, Ok. I know nobody asked but since I'm a bit bored I'm just gonna make the list.


A website with an RGB creator
,A website with an HSB creator PAC man
Personality test
A random BG generator
A logo
A karaoke thing
Playing with sounds
A trail art
A random emoji generator
A random quote generator
Pixel art
A pixel art creator
A trail art creator
Art tab
A shoutout
A request
A contest

That's all I could think of


Maybe have a look at @Rawrbear's?


Here you go! :)


Thank you :blush:


Yeah, no problem! :D