Ideas for future updates



-A roleplay category, since more and more ppl are doing it
-Comments for projects, kinda like scratch
-A new block category for maybe...physics? i think that would be super cool!
-A new video for how to make trail art

@Liza @alish
i think these are OK ideas that perhaps could make their way into the next big update!


I like your ideas but i think that physics should be something that people should create on their own.


I agree about comments too


What @Gondor_is_lost said about physics (awesome username btw!)

I (or someone else on the forums) can teach you trail art. Maybe @FoodDelivery will want to make a video?

And comments would be awesome!

@alish is no longer in THT. Also, use this topic next time for posting ideas:


Thanks and great idea btw


You are a pro hopscotcher


i just joined lol XD


Nah @theblackbutter you are a pro hopscotcher


You should check out my graph calculator