Ideas for Future Hopscotch Updates




This topic is so we can say what we want to see in the next few updates
And maybe @Liza and the rest of the hopscotch staff might make so of them happen!

Hopefully we see some of our ideas soon :wink:

Should people see how many people followers you have
Ideas to Add to the Hopscotch App

We should have some different sounds (for music), new blocks, see how many followers you have
It would be great if it happened @Liza


Cloud values would be awesome so you could make online multiplayer games!


You should have a bell for each hopscotcher and you click on it to see when that one hopscotcher makes a new project


They should add a few more notes to sounds that are higher than high c


I think we need a lot more notes, both higher and lower!


I also like the idea of maybe being able to use the same ability in different projects. That would make it easier to transport music or something.


Yeah that would be great! We really need more notes maybe a different instrument


Yeah, they should add like all of the band instruments and maybe orchestra. It would also be cool if some of the sounds were people singing.


I think we need playlists for each hopscotcher so we can put all of our story games on one file :smiley:


We need more notes and piano notes!

Also here is one more suggestion (from another topic):

What about this? (I've taken some inspiration from the coin system in Geometry Dash)

You earn Golden coins for example by playing levels and those examples @Ian and @t1_hopscotch came up with, and with these coins you can buy stuff in some kind of "Hopscotch in-game store".

One thing you can buy is Silver Coins/User Coins. These will show up in the "+" menu in the editor, and they are like the normal characters. You can just put one User Coin in each project, and you'll have to buy new ones when you've used them. Buying User Coins would also add a new Coding Block to the editor, called "Use Coin". This block would add a User Coin to the user who is playing the project.

This basically means that hopscotchers can use their Gold Coins, earned in different ways, to give other hopscotchers User Coins when they for example finish a level in your game.

Your number of Coins would be showed on your profile, together with other achievements you have earned, like "Remix a Project" or "Get a Like".

I hope you will take a look at this and maybe even add some of it to Hopscotch. I think a Coin system like this would be really useful.


That could be super cool!
Although it would lead to competitions most likely.
But I don't know! It could totally work!


Good idea! But I think that you should also earn coins by starting to follow someone, like a project, and publishing a project. And I think you should be able to code a picture for your profile picture.


Here is a idea!

A "Global Ability" is a custom ability that is in all your projects, they can be turned on and off at will. And would make some things very much easier :wink:.


These are all great ideas!


How about how many followers you have


New characters New characters New characters New characters New characters New characters New characters New characters New characters New characters New characters New characters New characters New characters


Are you saying competitions are bad?:neutral_face::expressionless:


No, I meant like people getting mad over who has more coins and stuff, or people bragging about it. :wink:


Yes they are :expressionless: