Ideas for Christmas projects!

If you have seen on hopscotch there is a knew Christmas competition and usually I don’t join because I can’t think of any ideas of what to do but this year I have some really great ideas that I think you would like too !

1.snowball maker/snowball fight
I thought this idea would be so cool and fun because who doesn’t like snowball fights and something you can also do to make it nicer is adding snow you can learn how to do that on my last project snow fall animation !

  1. Making a gingerbread cookie
    If you have looked at projects a lot then you probably notice cooking projects so I thought it would be fun to do that and decorate it too !

3.Christmas tree decorating
One of the greatest elements of Christmas is a Christmas tree so why not have an online version you can add Christmas music in the background too because when me and my family decorate for Christmas we usually play Christmas music ! :slight_smile:

  1. Christmas maze
    Christmas mazes are a great way to spread christmas cheer you can make a normal maze and then decorate it in any christmas way

    I hope this helps ! 😀

Merry christmas !


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