Ideas For All To Discuss!


Hi! I decided to start this for people to get help and talk about ideas! Many times I've thought up a great idea, but can't code it! So I thought we could have a space where people could ask for help on ideas, come up with collabs, and get inspiration!


That's sounds neat!! One question: Can a leave a trail block be brought to the front of character???


No, unfortunately.


No, I tried :T.


Awwwww. It's going to be hard to create my new game. Wait. @Snoopy you don't say?? Yeah!!


You can set the characters invisibility to high, so at least the trail is visible.
You cannot bring the trail in front though.


Here: Although the square is barely visible, the trail is in front, and it works!


I didn't know that worked @Snoopy ! I used blocks like "Platform", and I shrunk those.


I have an idea for a chain climb. Like, there are four chains, and spike balls are coming down. You jump over from chain to chain to avoid getting hit. That's the idea. But I have no idea on how to code it. Anyone who helps gets credit:grinning:!