Ideas for a 'Virtual Villagers' style sim! More fun than it sounds XD



So, has anyone here ever heard of the app series 'Virtual Villagers?' It has nothing to do with Minecraft villagers XD

It's a great game(s) where you have an overview of part of a virtual island. You can look down from your screen into this world where there is this little tribe of people which you teach about stuff, help them to survive, and figure out puzzles.

(Example of a puzzle: A villager spots a stone. You try to figure out what to do with it. After a lot of reasearch about the game, it turns out you need your villager to be good at science and building to use it. You get the villager to practice that stuff. Then it can pick up the stone, and use it to make the river flow into a dry pond you have been confused about! Now the people can use soap (which you just figured out how to make) to bathe!)

I'd like to make a similar game! Any ideas for actions (the villagers go off and do random stuff by themselves even when you're not playing!) such as 'Examining flower' or 'Trying to cook?' Things they can do? Or ideas for puzzles?

There's a lot of story and mystery to it, and it's very cool to theorize on! I recommend the games (each has a free version!) and you can also get it on computer.

I need some ideas for how the code would work. :3

Back on topic, give me some ideas! Playing the games would help you get an idea of it (no, I'm not being sponsored X3)

So get going! I'll post some screenshots of the game so you can get an idea of how it works :00 :00


Any ideas, frens? :3


That sounds so awesome! I have no idea how to do that code though. I'll try to figure something out. This will be SO cool!


Hai fren.

Maybe they have to figure out how to build a shelter? Idk. XD


maybe like an evolution-like thing(as in pokemon go)
sun dial - GRAND DAD clock - wall clock - watch


Maybe to make a villager do something when you're not playing:
When not playing/not in action menu mode = 1
Check Once if action = 0
Check Once if random 1 to 3 > 1
Set Value action random 1 to (limit)
Just walk around and stuff

And the actions would be like:
When action = whatever number
Set Value action to 0


when you're not playing? hopscotch cant do that


Another example of it is:

Your villagers figured out how to make cutting tools. But what to do with them?

Then a long while later, they found out how to restore the flow of the river.

But wait!

Those dry reeds you thought were meaningless are healthy now, because of the river!

Now when you drag a villager to them- the villager's Action menu says they are looking for a tool to cut the reeds...


But what will they do with the reeds? :0

Then they do something amazing :3

Yeah, that sort of thing. XD


Maybe make it so that the city gets newer and newer, like human evolution. Your humans begin to understand more things and begin to evolve! Maybe even have a point where they are futuristic and stuff! That would be so cool! If you could figure out how to code it, because I once agian have no clue XD


I know, it's just an example of how it works.

What I would like is being able to save progress in HS games- @Rodrigo? What do you think?


and they start making



I think it could work, if not playing meant not being in the menu for actions, tapping, or pressing!


Yes! That would be awesome!


I don't think so XD

(I am too lazy to code all that!)

But good idea :00


Yeah, I know how you feel XD


Another idea... Founding new villages? Name your villages?


Can we please get on topic? XD

More ideas please :00

Guys, remember to add things that are meaningful to the discussion.

I don't appreciate random videos with nothing else. It's as if you don't care about the topic, but have come to ignore everything and post. It's a little rude.

I don't mean to offend anyone.



I'm so confused XD


Um, maybe the tasks are randomized? So that you never know what you are going to get and it won't be the same things every time,


Yeah... sighs

I thought of a puzzle- THE SPIRITS AT REST The villagers have to figure out how to move these pretty stones, carve stuff into them, and plant flowers (each step requiring the completment of other stuffs :00) to make a graveyard, which will give them some points

(that they can use to update their building/science/culture/farming knowledge, making it possible to complete more challenges)

and be really cool! :3