i have seen many ideas for the new update, and i agree on all of these, like:

  • Adding hopscotch to the computer
  • Adding the ability to add pictures
  • Making your own characters
  • Recording sounds
  • Adding in a MIDI Editor
  • etc, etc.
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  • Adding hopscotch to the computer
  • Adding the ability to add pictures
  • Making your own characters
  • Recording sounds
  • Adding in a MIDI Editor
  • Other (Add in comments)


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Hopscotch Update Considerations... (Please Look)
Should people see how many people followers you have
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There should be an option to report a project for stealing credit
I wish there was an update
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It would be cool to be able to control arduinos with the firmata library and Bluetooth...


What's a MITI editor?


I think we should be able to play hopscotch on Android


I'm pretty sure hopscotch is already adding pictures in the next update, but it would be so cool if we could record sounds because my friends and I have made an unofficial band, and I could record myself singing the lyrics and see what you guys think! But, all of these things would be awesome in a new update :wink:


I think adding pictures to hopscotch is a terrible idea. I can't figure out any coding purposes, so it would probably just turn into a social media app instead of a coding app. if you want to post pictures, just get an Instagram.


Hey @DrDuctape and all! Boy do I have some great news for you.... We're working on adding at least 2 or 3 of these things right now!!!! Can you guess which? Nah, I'll just tell you :wink:

In order of progress, we're working on:

  • A Web Player: This will let you share your creations with anybody, even if they don't have an iPad or iPhone! You'll be able to create things in Hopscotch and then share it as a website. Anyone who has internet will be able to play your projects!
  • New Avatars: We'll first release new avatars, and then we may add the ability to code your own characters and avatars! Check this out for a peak
  • Adding Pictures: We're still experimenting with this right now, and we're not sure what it will look like. But if you have been on beta over the summer, you may have caught a glimpse of these experiments (I think they're gone now though)

Stay tuned for all these features and more!!!! We've got a lot in the pipeline!

When's the new update?

To show how many followers someone has (the person could choose whether they wanted people to see how many followers they had).


I think that adding pictures would be a TERRIBLE Idea! The whole point of the app will vanish! I will slowly become a place where everyone post pictures instead of code


Hi guys! I don't know whether you saw it on the news, but a boy posted an inappropriate picture of himself on Snapchat and probably won't be able to work with children in the future. Sorry to bring that up, but it's one of the reasons why I love Hopscotch-you don't know the people, but they also don't know you. You are in control and nobody has to know your identity. :no_mouth::question:


It's MIDI.
What it is is you put down lines, how long they are means how long the note will be held out.
how high it is means how high the pitch is. it's really cool.
so that means in hopscotch you only need one block of code to make a whole song!
(it will be so much easier!)


thanks, @ian! but can you please add in a MIDI Editor? :grimacing:


You are 100% right @ILoveSmudgey! This is a big problem through out ALL apps with photo abilities, especially social networks, and there is news about it almost EVERYWHERE. This is one of the reasons why I would not like photos on hopscotch. Even though it is probably highly unlikely a kid would post inopropriate photos, it still could happen, and it's MUCH harder to moderate photos. Along with that, the addition of photos could RUIN hopscotch. Picture this, Chatrooms everywhere talking about what they are doing and what they look like and projects that only consist of a HUGE photo and few code. And I feel that this WILL happen. These are just a few reasons why I think the addition of photos should be avoided. Sorry it's so lengthy, but I feel very strong about this, and think it will ruin the app. @Liza @Ian


We could have photo moderators? I'm a photographer and I know, unneeded info, but if it's "What I look like, what my age is" in a picture, it should be moderated, but if it's a drawing that you sketched, an oil picture, or something that I would like to code, that stuff would be okay :wink:. But if you add pictures, it would be a good idea to have "photo moderators"


And, anyone under 12-13 shouldn't Have social networks


We'd definitely need moderators if pictures were added in. I think Ian said in another post that they are working on adding that in.

Maybe you could have photo privileges, like on the forum? And you can report them?

It would be really helpful in some aspects (you can add cooler backgrounds or sprites for games) but some people might abuse it (selfies or inappropriate photos)


Yeah I totally agree with what @SQUISHY and @CreativeCoder are saying, that people might abuse the photo feature.

@PopTart0219 Photo moderators would be a good idea, but I think it would take too much time to moderate all those photos. Also, make sure when you do post on the forum that it is on-topic, so we don't get posts filed up with irrelevant comments :wink:


Im under 12 and ive got hopscotch but i guess im mature enough


But this is what the report button is for


Of course there is a report button, but what if there is too many to report? Plus, young kids could still see it before it was reported! And HT has to receive multiple reports in order to do something about it.