Ideas for a new game?



I haven't been publishing much. You may think I am working on something that takes a while to make but no. I am stumped. I can't figure out what to make! Ideas please! I will tell you if I am using your idea.

Cool project ideas?

You could do these:
-Scratch and Win + a shop.
-A story
-A cool intro
-cookie clicker


Nice ideas. I think for now I'll go with the cool intro idea but make it so it is a cool intro to a game! (Still thinking about what game though.)


It could be a quiz, hardest game ever or stupidity test.
If you want I could help you with one of these projects.
I have ideas for each one of them.


You could make Candy Crush and compete with the Candy Crush that @CreativeCoder and me are making :grinning:


Ahaha that's not a bad idea.
Doing something like this should be interesting because we could compare 2 projects and learn from each other.


I was actually just kidding. Making Candy Crush is really hard. But Maybe you guys could work with us. I can't be on my iPad right now so I'm just talking with @CreativeCoder about it and he's doing the coding. And I would like you post but I've reached my like limit. I like things a lot so it's a good thing for me that I'm a member!


Great ideas. My iPad is almost dead right now so I can't say much but I'll think about all the stuff for a bit and get back to you! :wink:


Oh no, I wasn't talking about actually making a candy crush app.
I'm already lost in my snake app.
I was talking about the idea.
Candy crush is a huge project. Good luck, I look forward at testing the app.
If you need any help don't mind asking.


You could start creating an interactive game, like I have. It somehow got on trending, you probably saw it.


Yeah. I'm here too. Hi. (I'm a girl btw NDSDNS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

-You can try a choice based game
-make Hopscotch in Hopscotch and add new blocks you want
-a sport you like
-try and make a game like a popular app (angry birds, plants vs zombies, etc.)


Oh yeah, I know that. Sorry. I was just typing and didn't notice it.


Ok. I am going to announce my choice Thursday, Stay tuned!


You could make a

  • chess

  • minecraft

  • minecraft story mode