Ideas for a game?



I would like some ideas for a game?

Cool project ideas?

Hey @AHappyCoder! There are lots of possibilities. Start by thinking about your everyday life. Do you play with pets? You could make a game where you play with and teach pets tricks. You could even look at Hopscotch's tutorials and add your own personal touches. For example, you could change fruit ninja into ghost ninja, where instead of fruit there's ghosts, and you have to decipher which ones are OK to touch and which bring you back to start. See? There's always ideas right around the corner. So go get coding!


You can find ideas here!
The forums are a great place to get ideas, there are tons of them on here.


You can search for ideas in the Ideas tag category too:


How about a two player angry birds game where you launch animals at the other players castle and have the animals quickly fight if they collide in the air.


You can also try this website, Just a random game idea generator. Even though it is not made for hopscotch coding, you can still get some good ideas from it!.


Hi happy coder. You are amazing at games. I never would have thought you could get into this situation but if you look at buildAsnownmans remix my thing I made is on there. I have more then 15 ideas for you.


@ColeDJ I used the website you suggested! and found this: "A war game where you bomb country's" now that sounds like me! Thanks!


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