Ideas for a game 2?



I want to make one of my quality games with the new shapes, does any one have idea? You will get credit!


Anyone? Please! (20)


By new shapes are you talking about the hopscotch beta or the new emojis in ios9?
I don't code with the beta or with the new emojis as allot of ppl don't have these updates.

Just reply back if you want me to help.


I am using the new update not the beta!


Sorry I can't help.
I only use fancy key for some shapes.


Okay that's fine! @Stradyvarious


Maybe a target practice using the new shapes? Or a platform game with a character called Rawrb..WAIT


I just uninstalled Hopscotch and installed the latest version.
Do you mean the shapes above the hopscotch characters?


yes that is what I am talking about @Stradyvarious


Ok I can help as I now have the shapes. I thought they were only in the test betas. I didn't realize they were in the latest version.


Well I was looking for ideas?


Maybe try a simulator. For example, a pizza simulator can use circles, triangles, other stuff, etc.


Maybe a puzzle game where you tap the shapes to change them.
And slide them together or build something

This is a free game I have on the iPad.
Free the Fobbles.
You can watch and maybe try to recreate this