Ideas for a forum update!



Ok I have some ideas for updates but first I have a question. Is it only @discourse that can change the forum or can @Liza do it? Ill continue this after so
Thanx and stay hopscotching!!


I think THT can change small things like adjusting numbers for limits and stuff, but major things are mostly just by discourse.


oh. thanx tho.


They can change whatever they'd like, since they're admins, they have complete control over everything. They've just changed it a bit, rather than a lot.


Yeah, that's true. At least according to Rodrigo, though, it doesn't seem they're going to be changing it much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Hey, @t1_hopscotch! Haven't seen you in a while. :D


I think you could always suggest ideas anyway and the Hopscotch Team can ask Discourse if they want to put them in :smiley: It would be great to hear your ideas!


mkay @t1_hopscotch my idea is that there is an icon for whoever is on a topic like this:

And when they are editing or writing it is like this:

EDIT: why are the images called blob!?


so let's say @Redo122, @CreativeCoder, @Gilbert189, @t1_hopscotch, @MR.GAM3R and @KVJ are in the topic so how does everyone know tat they are in there well no one does unless you try the all new forum idea!!:


Pretty kewl idea and easier than reading Last Seens

Edit: hi @t1_hopscotch!


Not a bad idea, but personally I'd rather have it changeable in preferences, as I wouldn't really want that on for me.


Ooh I think that would be cool too! Glad you did share :smiley: I love seeing mock-up designs.

Yep I think it's great to see you ideas like that, and Hopscotch can ask Discourse to put features in (or you could peek around too on Discourse Meta, the site where people talk about suggestions and other things related to Discourse). I remember other people (on Discourse Meta) suggesting being able to see others writing/editing as well and it is helpful so you can see if someone else has something to say. Maybe it should be an optional to let others see if you are present in a topic (edit: yep, like @CreativeCoder said).

Other people mentioned also, however, if you see someone else replying to a post, then you might think they have the answer already and not share what you were thinking, even though if might have been really interesting and added some extra helpful info. But it might also save time if you wait to see what someone else is saying then you don't repeat the same thing. So there are a few things to think about but it is a cool idea and awesome design again!


True that...

In my opinion I think a major update thing should be better support for the mobile version because it's very laggy and glitchy...


Haha Discourse did say Safari was bugging them, but they have made it a lot easier to use and fixed up previous issues with the editor jumping around.

Edit: @KVJ I'm just reading topics and hearting anything nice that I see :slight_smile:


Have they? It still does that for me :confused:

But it's probably better than before (I'm still kinda new...)


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ok I have put it on the discource page:


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Try here, the try website is just to test Discourse and it's features.


ok thanx!!